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Crochet Handmade Mens Womens Slip-On House Crochet Converse Low Top Maroon Color Slippers, BySeay

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Tags: crochet, slippers, sneakers, converse, home shoes, byseay, handmade, knitting, Breathable, Embroidered, cozy, comfortable slippers, Soft Comfy Fuzzy, Cozy Warm

*****Crochet Knitted Claret Red Converse Low Top Slippers*****

These are hand-crafted crochet shoes inspired by the Converse and are ideal for indoors. These cozy handmade shoes are the perfect relaxation piece for every sneakerhead.

Loving Converse in winter time means being often cold and have frozen feet: I am telling this as one of the biggest fans of sneakers and anything like that and also as a very chilly person. But you can use these slippers in the summer. Because they are very comfortable and these slippers can breathe.

This Converse Socks Crochet Low Top Slippers is ideal for the sneaker fan, Are you looking for the perfect way to show off how much you adore this popular brand name shoe even when you want to relax and let your feet get comfortable?

With this Converse Low Top Crochet Slippers, you can kick back with your feet in a comfortable pair of crocheted faux sneakers any time you are looking for a little extra relaxation around the house.

This Slippers will give you all the directions you need to whip up this simple Eva based shoes in no time. Make a pair for yourself and one for all of your friends, too!

This converse looks like the original shoe of converse. You can not notice the difference between the real one and the crochet slippers.

No one will blame you for getting more than one pair.

Made of soft acrylic yarn. Hand washable. 

They come in a wide variety of colors to suit personal preferences. They could therefore serve as a great gift choice, with a personalized touch to make them extra special. 

All adult sizes as well as the children and baby ones can be specially knitted for you.

We wish good shopping.

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