LGBTQ Rainbow Crochet Slipper, Knitted Plush Booties, Max Pride Shoes, Colorful Indoor Women’s Sneakers, Love is Love Charm, Coming Out Gift


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Rainbow Custom Sneaker Slippers, Handmade Crochet Booties, LGBTQ+ Style Multicolor Knitted Low Top Outfit

Attention sneaker enthusiasts! Delight in these unique crochet slippers, inspired by popular sneaker designs championing LGBTQ+ causes. You’ve never seen footwear quite like this!

These meticulously crafted unisex booties are made from premium organic cotton threads, providing a snuggly and soft embrace for your feet while ensuring you remain fashionable.

What truly distinguishes these booties is their distinctive black or white rubber Eva outer sole. This innovative touch safeguards against common ground irritants and also offers exceptional grip on slick surfaces, giving you the option to flaunt them outdoors.

Experience the unmatched comfort of these breathable crochet slippers, perfect for keeping feet cozy without causing them to perspire. Their elastic nature ensures they snugly fit even those with foot swelling.

The booties boast a triple-layered sole for maximum comfort: an 8 mm rubber Eva outer layer, a 4 mm soft rubber Eva middle, and a 5 mm felt inner layer for warmth.

Ideal as gifts, these slippers aren’t gendered. Crochet isn’t just for women; these booties are perfect for everyone. Delight your loved ones, irrespective of gender, with these cozy, protective booties perfect for cold floors.

Customizable to fit your preferences, choose any color or design you fancy. The thick knitting cushions your feet, the snug cuffs keep them securely in place, and they’re machine-wash friendly.

Ideal for various settings like homes, travels, offices, or schools, they’re available in all sizes. For an ideal fit, pick your regular shoe size. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a pair of uniquely styled crochet slippers, inspired by popular sneaker designs!


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