Marty McFly Sneakers, Back To The Future, Custom Air Mag Inspired Slippers, Halloween Shoes, Cosplay Costume, Knitted Soft House Plush Socks


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Back To The Future Handmade Crochet Shoes, Marty McFly Inspired Sneakers

*Dive into nostalgia with these Marty McFly & Doc-inspired slippers.

*Bring the magic of “Back to the Future” right into your living space.
Experience cozy warmth with these Marty McFly-style bootees.

*Available in adult and children sizes for the whole family.

*Message us with your specific size requirements for a personalized fit.

*The perfect thoughtful gift for couples — Air Mag-inspired pairs for him and her.

For fans of “Back to the Future”, these handmade knitted slippers evoke the charm of the iconic movie. They’re designed to resemble the famous shoes from the film but provide the softness and comfort of knitwear — ideal for lounging at home.

Whether you’re reminiscing about Marty’s hoverboard adventures or Doc’s ingenious inventions, these slippers capture the essence of the film. They’re not just about the looks; they promise warmth and snugness too.

Buy them for yourself, your kids, or both. These are versatile, suitable for both adults and kids. Whether you’re a Marty, a Doc, or even a Biff, they’re an essential addition for any film enthusiast, perfect for winter comfort or BTTF cosplay events.

While they don’t have the movie’s self-lacing feature, they undoubtedly enhance your at-home style. They’re conversation starters, promising admiration from fellow fans.

Added Features:

*Custom Eva Insoles: Protect your crochet slippers with our innovative black Eva insoles, safeguarding against daily wear, dust, and dirt. They even offer better grip on slippery surfaces. Upgrade your crochet slippers to street shoes with these insoles.

*Sizing: Consult our size chart for the best fit. We offer customization for adults, children, and babies.

*Care Instructions: To maintain their pristine condition:

*Machine wash on a max 30-degree wool cycle using wool-friendly detergents.

*Avoid soaking, fabric conditioners, artificial heating, and direct sunlight.

Shipping & Handling:

Gift-Ready Packaging: Each product is meticulously packaged in separate gift boxes.

Expedited Shipping: Expect delivery in 3-5 business days with our fast shipping option. Kindly provide your mobile number for seamless delivery coordination. Always double-check the provided shipping address.


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